5 Stories 5 Photos B&W Challenge – Best Friends


This was taken during high school circa mid 80s. I was taking a black & white photo elective although I did not actually take this photo. It’s part of a series from a Homecoming sports day against our rival school Fieldston. All of my friends and I went to the event.

In this photo are Micol and Mindy. Mindy and Micol were best friends. Micol was my best friend and remains one of my fondest friendships from high school.

No one tells you when you are young that the friends you make in high school and junior high school will be the best friends you will ever have connected with. I was just chatting at a high school alumni event with my high school friend Roberta and we completely agreed on the subject.

This was a nice day. Fall, on a beautiful campus, with best friends.


3 thoughts on “5 Stories 5 Photos B&W Challenge – Best Friends

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  2. What a lovely photo and such sweet friends. I’m not close with my high school chums anymore. My closest friends are ones I’ve met through various jobs from my 20s and 30s. I still catch up with some HS friends, but not as often as I should.

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    • I have good friends from teens to 40s, but I do attend high school alumni events and get to reconnect with my hs friends, which is really nice. You should chat up an old hs friend, dj. I bet she’d be thrilled to hear from you!

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